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Lego City Zoo Entrance and Baby Sea Turtle Exhibit


About This Project

This set is the entrance to my Lego City Zoo. I have made this set small and independent just like the rest of my zoo set ideas. So that everyone's zoo can be arranged unique to them and being small individual sets they can be cleaned up and stored easily. Along with being the entrance this set has a small baby sea turtle exhibit to make it more fun. There are steps beside the turtle tank for feeding the turtles. Beside the steps is a barrel of fish for the turtles. There is a zookeeper cleaning the glass of the turtle tank. By the entrance is a security guard standing watch. Emmet is working as the cashier for the entrance to the zoo.His bubbly personality is perfect for welcoming people to the zoo. Behind Emmet is a park bench for guests to relax. The Logos on the back of the zoo sign are sponsors of the zoo.

Play Features:

  • Tons of zoo themed fun.


  • Four minifigs.
  • Two baby sea turtles.
  • One fish.
  • Minifigure accessories like a camera, a mop, and a dollar bill.

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