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Schnitzer(Howler) 8x8 Truck

Have you ever wanted a Truck without the tiresome technic parts with complex mechnics involved?


Introducing the Schnitzer! It is a simple relatively easy to build 8X8 Truck for those with a fantasy of off-roading, mud dripping world! Themed from Lego City, this truck can place in 2 mini-Figures! However don't think this is all for show! It does have a 'Return-to-Centre' Independant Pendular Suspension on all 8 Wheels! Furthermore the Vehicle has a modular base! Making building all so easy!

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This is the Left side, as you can see not many complicated parts involved!

A Racing Version on the right?

Another view of the Racing version of the Truck!

A Close up view of the Schnitzer!

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