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Land Rover Series

The Land Rover is considered by some to be the most capable 4x4 vehicle ever built, and is easily one of the most famous. This model is most heavily based on the Series III Land Rover, which was the final iteration of the "Series" models before the launch of the Defender.

The engine in this model (shown above)  is based on the 2.25 L inline 4 cylinder engine. There was a diesel and a petrol engines of this same size and configuration. The engine in this model is designed and modeled more after the petrol version.

As shown above, the roof is removable from this model, which allows access to the interior.

Above is the interior, which like a Land Rover from this era, is very Spartan. There is a bench seat which seats 3, and all the necessary levers, including the shifters for the gearbox and for the transfer case. 

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