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The Music School for Everyone


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Please support and share The Music School for Everyone, where everyone is welcome!

It's time to try defying gravity, by supporting The Music School for Everyone!

With 10,000 supporters, it gets a chance to become an official LEGO set, and you can
play out your favorite songs or display it and look at it all the time! :)

I want to share a letter with you from Mary McMusic, founder of The Music School for Everyone:

Dear future student,

I'm Mary McMusic, and I'm the founder of The Music School for Everyone.

My dream for this school was to create a safe space,
where people are united in their shared love of music.

We accept all students, regardless of musical talent, as long as they have a song in their heart.

So please, come on in and sign up for any class you may find enticing:
We have one for every taste - yes, even if you want to learn how to yodel. :)

And while you're here, please feel free to try one of our three shlushie flavors.
They are all delicious!

Have a musical day,

Mary McMusic

Don't rain on my parade and support and share The Music School for Everyone!

About My Build: The Music School For Everyone:
I wanted to build a classroom, that is different to most ordinary classrooms in the world.
One that is fun, where you meet great people and where you learn only things, that you love.
That's why I decided to build The Music School for Everyone.
Moreover, at age 11 I started to play drums and at first it was really awesome, everything I hoped it would be. After a while it got pretty boring just playing alone, so we sold my drum set. If I had had a place, where I could have played with others, maybe I would have stuck with it. Who knows?
Thus, I built such a place out of LEGO instead. Better late than never. :)

High playability and flexibility:
  • The very open building style allows you to really play with the minifigures and act out different scenarios and songs
  • The drum set, the black and the sand green piano and all the chairs can be placed somewhere else or removed easily
  • The stands, on which most of the chairs are placed, can act as a stage, too
  • The whiteboard can slide to the side, for easier access to the cabinets behind it
  • The cabinet doors of the book case, the door of the trophy case and the locker are all openable
  • It's also a great display set, because something is going on at every possible angle
  • Total brick count: 1850 pieces, including the minifigures
  • I tried to use bricks in available colors, that way it can be produced much easier

Hey Ho, Let's Go, please support and share now!

Minifigures in The Music School for Everyone:
I included 4 Minifigures, that are all build out of existing parts:

  • Maxine McMusic: the teacher and daughter of founder Mary McMusic - she knows almost everything that is to know about music
  • Chris: a young man, who prefers show tunes over everything else, but if challenged, he can rock out like the best of them
  • Bee: a little girl, who dreams of becoming a drummer in a Metal band
  • Ben: a hard rock grandpa, who still shreds some tunes on his guitar and who is not slowing down, even in a wheelchair

Please support and share The Music School for Everyone, because it will rock you!

Special details in The Music School for Everyone:
  • Slushie machine: instead of a boring water cooler, the students can refresh themselves with a delicious slushie - it comes in 3 flavors!
  • A bench underneath a tree in front of the school, for students to relax in between classes
  • Picture of founder Mary McMusic in the hallway
  • Decorative Musical Notes above the entrance (outside)
  • Decorative trumpets above the entrance (inside)
  • Sign Up sheet in front of the classroom
  • Exit signs above the doors

Don't stop believing, that The Music School for Everyone will become a LEGO set, neither will I!

Thanks for reading all of this, and thank you for your support! :)


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