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Asian Food Restaurant

Hey everybody!

I am really excited to finally submit this project!

Disclaimer: I know my lego characters are stereotypical and I hope that if this module comes out, the design can be re-refined. I want to accurately show the culture of the different asian societies.

My inspiration came from my lifelong admiration for Asian countries, especially Japan and China. I think that with hindsight, the idea also emerges from my university exchange project in Hong Kong, planned since 2019. With the Covid crisis, it was delayed and I began during the pandemic to work on this module. As I write this, I am currently in Hong Kong. It seems like a good end for this project !

About the module:

On the ground floor you can find the bar/restaurant, the 360° kitchen worktop, with its different delimited spaces (washing dishes, cutting meat, preparing food, cooking plates, coffee machine). This open kitchen allows chiefs to discuss with their clients while preparing them their best recipes. For clients, this peaceful environment is a great opportunity to take a breath.

Inside the building there are luxury toilets all-inclusive and black stairs to the rooftop.

With the garden on the roof, picking flowers and growing a vegetable garden become easy. It is also up to you to remodel and add the elements you want in this garden, according to your personnal desires. There are lanterns. The entrance to the roof is decorated with a pergola.

Main colors of this set are burgundy, white and pastels. I wanted to add a 80's vintage aspect with the round shapes, pastels colors, the checkerboard floor and the chairs stuck to the counter. The main reasons of this choice are that I love these forms and I feel like it adds fluidity to the model.

Thanks for your support,
Don't hesitate to comment what you think of it :)

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