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The Space Battleship

Hello there,
Here is my model of a class of intergalactic exploration ships that will probably fly around in the distant future; the Space Battleship!

My idea is sci-fi based and would be a good addition to the classic LEGO space-themed sets.

The ship is basically a deep-space research vessel, but it could still hold its own against any space invaders from the LEGO multiverse. This space battleship is quite sturdy and is perfect for rough fights against E.Ts or most of the figments of your imagination. 😉
This ship is quite sleek looking and is a must for all sci-fi fans. It also has a couple of escort starships located near the main vertical stabilizer at the stern of the ship.

The model is 47 studs long and 6 studs wide. It is also accompanied by a stand.

The crew of this ship is eager to fly to the stars, but this is only possible if you, my dear friend, give this idea its wings in the form of your vote!

If there is anything that you feel should be fixed or if there is anything that can be added to make this model better, don't forget to tell me in the comments!
Thank you!

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