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Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Northern Air Temple


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"Avatar-The Last Airbender" is about 4 nations, the water-earth-air and fire nation. The Fire Nation wants to suppress the three others. This is how a war arises and the avatar's job is to end it by defeating the fire lord (the ruler of the fire nation).

When my friend showed me the series for the first time, I was a little skeptical, but after the first seven episodes I already loved it.  What I find particularly great about the series are the characters (write me in the comments what your favorite characters are. For me it is Sokka,then Zuko, Ihro, Toph, and Aang.), Of course the story and also the buildings. So I mean Omaschu Ba sing se and especially the air temples. Because I love this style of the air temples, I built the northern one out of Lego.

It contains seven towers, four rooms, a fountain, four statues, tree minifigures and a total of 2568 stones.

When you come through the gate you can go three ways. The first leads to a balcony. the second goes up a staircase to a junction that leads first to a room with statues and then to another balcony. If you go up the stairs you come through a gate into the largest tower of the temple. The third way goes first to a house and then through a tunnel that leads to another tower, which is not used for defense but for meditation.

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