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Create Your Own Studio


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This project is a fully customizable set, where someone can stick to the instructions and build the studio, or simply create their own rooms and offices.

My idea was to design a photography studio with modular spaces to arrange them as desired and feel the creative atmosphere it generated as i interchanged the furniture and/ or the minifigs in any way i wanted, so i built it to keep the creation process simple. For example, the walls can be taken off in a simple way to combine them with other rooms; the bases, contain technic bricks so that the connectors could be attached and stick the modules together; among others.

Here are some extra details: 

  • 871 elements
  • Four different sections included: photography set, editing/ projector office, hall/ exhibition room and darkroom. All built on a detachable base in order to stack them vertically.
  • 6 minifigs
  • The painter scene (the only one not appearing in the main image) is an alternate model i made solely with the pieces included in the set as an example of customization, therefore, it isn't within the official project.

I would like to mention that the photography set lacks two sliding doors. I was unable to include them along with the gliding groove plate in LDD, i guess we have to imagine them until (hopefully) this is approved hahaha

I think this would be a good LEGO set due to the creative possibilities inherent in the design (in midst of the ones that, of course, LEGO gives us) and its modular nature.

I really hope you like my project and thank you for passing by! And please, if you have any suggestions or constructive thoughts, don't hesitate to write them on the comments :D

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