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New Apps!

By request, some apps have been added; also, Google has been updated, so that it doesn't look like Garry's Mod (thanks to HorrorLP for pointing that out). The new apps include: Flappy Brick (Brickhunter14's request), Angry Bricks (Speshy's request), a generic movie-making app and Minecraft (Malcolm1532's requests), and a Wikipedia imitation (EthanJamesBond's request). This update appears on the BrickTab and the BrickTouch Mini. Thanks for all the input!

Here's what the entire model looks like with the new apps:

The Flappy Brick features the LEGO Bird from the LEGO Birds Ideas Project, and the video camera is the studio film camera accessory, in case you were wondering.

Have any more app requests? I'd love to hear your opinion in comment section!


Colorful BrickPhone 2.1!

If anybody wanted to know what colorful Brickphones looked like (talking about you, Brickhunter14), here ya go! White, Dark Grey, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Which one is your favorite?


BrickPhone XE

The latest evolution of the BrickPhone is here: the BrickPhone XE! This eXclusive Edition comes with the same features as 2.1, but reverts back to the BrickPhone 1.1 primary button style, and has a brand new rounded design.

On the back, there's also a mini speaker: a feature missing from the BrickPhone 2.1.

This is not necessarily an update to the BrickPhone Project itself (like the 2.1 version was), but is an option for production if everyone likes this version better. On that note, please tell me what you think of the BrickPhone XE in the comments! I can't wait to hear your opinion.


Bricklink Haul Sneak Peak!

Just received the first wave of parts from Bricklink. Some of them are for completing my LEGO sets...but the majority of them are for an upcoming member of the NerdTech Series! What could it be...?


Camera Corner Adjustment (and New Apps)

As you may have noticed in the BrickPhone 2.1 Update, three of the four corners of the phone are rounded; but the fourth (the camera corner) was still angled, via the use of a 1x1x2/3 "Cheese" Slope. Now, that corner is also rounded, as I shifted the cameras 0.8 brick lengths to the left.

Also, on the BrickTab 1.0, there are 18 custom app tiles, compared to the 16 on the BrickPhone. But now, you have all 18 with this set as well (the Maps app and Camera app are the new ones). Here's some images of the changes. (On each image, there's also the new logo for the NerdTech Series, to which the BrickPhone, BrickTab, and future devices belong.)


BrickPhone 2.1

Introducing: the BrickPhone 2.1!

A newer version of the popular BrickPhone, this edition is much sleeker, with new features: it is larger, more sturdy, much easier to customize, and has lots of options! The phone itself is composed of 69 pieces, but the whole set includes 2 backing plates, 40 colorful tiles and 16 custom-printed apps! The 16 custom prints all look deceptively similar to real apps, and include: Legogram, Netbrix, Hula, a generic Lego app, and many more. It also retains the classic features of the original, such as a primary button, a power button, 2 cameras, customizable backing, and volume buttons on the side. The new phone corrects the failures of the first, including the ugly and blocky app design, the difficulty in customization, the small size, the unrealistic primary button, and (worst of all) the tendency for the screen to fall out. Now you have a larger round button, better design, and rounded corners.

I attempted to upload this as a whole new project, as it would have looked much better; but Ideas did not let me. The dimensions of the new phone are 11.12  x 7.30 x 1.09 in centimeters which is 14 x 9.2 x 3.5 in studs.


Already 100 Supporters!

It's been only 2.5 days, and we already have over 100 supporters! You guys are the best.

Thank you so much; PLEASE spread the word wherever you can, and let's push on to the next milestone!

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