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Holiday Island

Welcome to Holiday Island.

The Smiths are enjoying a beautiful day at the beach. The little one is playing in the water. Mom Smith has already built a sandcastle and is getting ready to investigate the underwater world with her snorkel. Dad Smith is chilling under the palm trees, taking pictures and videos of the lovely scenery, and looking forward to enjoying the snacks and drinks they brought.

What a beautiful day! And it gets even better when a dolphinmother and her two dolphinbabys find their way into the bay and deliver some water tricks.

Model size: 32 x 31,7 x 25,8 cm / 12.6 x 12.5 x 10.1”
Bricks used: 817

Why we believe it would make a great LEGO set:
Vacation always brings good feelings. Many people can relate to this topic. The bright and colorful bricks create a positive scene. Above all, the larger scale gives the idea more attention, and we are sure it would make a great summer set.

Who are we?
We are Jonas and Songül @Sonic36, a couple from Berlin who started playing and creating Lego together more than a year ago. This scene actually happened to us in real life on our last vacation together. It made us super happy to be able to visualize this unforgettable day with Lego bricks.
After we built the scene, we used the Studio 2.0 software from BrickLink to rebuild it in 3D.

We hope you guys like it and hit a support. ðŸš€

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