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Old Western Bank

Grab your horse and saddle and get ready to say “Yeehaw!” as you recreate a historical western building.

With over 2,500 pieces, the bank is equipped with three teller windows, a vault with a locking door, two chairs, a scale, and a desk. Also included in the set is a stage coach, a dead tree, a water well, and five minifigures (a bank teller, a bandit, a customer, a sheriff, and the wagon driver).

For my first LEGO Ideas project, I chose to build a wild west bank design because the wild west theme is a classic theme that’s been discontinued for over 20 years and I felt that LEGO Ideas could be the perfect way to revive it. 

While I was designing this I tried to make it as accurate as possible to what you might actually find in the old west, so I included an antique style desk and chairs inside, as well as overlapping wood planks on the roof. 

Overall, I really had a lot of fun designing it, and hope to upload many more ideas in the near future.

If you like what you see in the pictures above and want to help out the project, then clicking the support button would really mean a lot.

Thanks for looking!

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