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Manta Ray And Shark Oceanarium Museum


Here is my idea for Lego Ideas. It is called Manta Ray And Shark Oceanarium Museum. This set comes with a oceanarium museum ticket office, two cashiers, two cash registers with two computers, two credit card readers/gift card readers, 6 one hundred dollar bills, a gift certificate, a credit card, a employee with cell phone as a ticket counter/ scanner, two ticket printers, on the building four cameras, and solar panels, as well as a scanner. A security office with handcuffs, telephone, walkie talkies, solar panels a manta ray and shark in the tank, two sharks in another tank, a fish chest for the animals, 6 fish, two oceanarium tour guide/ information people, security officer,  two signs that say oceanarium museum and security office. I built this set today because it is summer time where i live and normally i would go for a whale watch ride during the summer time. It would be hours of fun for all ages and will let the imagination spark for everyone. This set will not be expensive to buy and would be fun to own. I am trying to think of summer time tourist destinations that would be easy to build and hopefully get on the website. I hope you will vote for this set and tell everyone about this set.

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