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Orion Mnifig Scale Capsule and Service Module


Orion is the next generation manned spacecraft from NASA. Designed to carry four astronauts into Earth orbit and beyond. The first spacecraft since Apollo to carry a crew beyond Earth orbit and possibly to Mars, Orion is the continuation of the journey of manned space exploration beyond Earth started over 45 years ago.

This model set includes 4 astronaut mini-figures and contains some of these features:

  • Working egress/entry hatch (compound hinge allows for realistic opening)
  • Detailed capsule interior including flat panel digital display and four crew seats
  • Working berthing hatch (on the nose) used during mission to the ISS or rendezvous with another craft.
  • Folding and rotating solar panels
  • Capsule separates from Service Module
  • Access panels allow access to capsule interior.

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