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Harpers Baitshop


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Which "Modular building  city can do without a pier. A place to relax, rent a boat and enjoy the water.

And don't forget fishing. So when you go out fishing at pier 5 of Brickton Harbour make sure you get your bait from Harpers Baitshop. They are selling the best worms in town in their famous red mugs for more than 25 years.

Harpers Baitshop is housed in the wooden darkred/grey building at pier 5.

The pier is loaded with crates and there are trashcans everywhere do get rid of your waste after having enjoyed your lunch at the water.


This model comes with Mr Harper and his clumsy help Rupert, Steve "Fishing rod" Cooper, Mr Price waiting for his date with Layla. A family getting ready to rent a row boat and Cliff Cooper with his dog Sandy.





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