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Minecraft - Steve's Legacy - Ender's Attack on Legacy


Hello, everyone! Boy, it’s been a long time since I last uploaded a set onto LEGO Ideas, but I’ve been busy with a lot of other projects outside of LEGO. Now I’m back again, and I figured I’d start off with a set based off of one of those projects. Let’s get into this!


Many suns ago, on a distant shore, there came a traveler to this world. The First Traveller! Scaling Mountains, and fighting hordes of the undead and things that creep in the shadows, Steve found the place that he would fall in love with. Many joined him there to make a safe haven among the mountains.

This was Steve’s Legacy!

But one day, an army of undead, and ghastly things of the Nether, led by a mysterious Enderman, attacked Legacy, and forced the citizens to flee. Steve and his friends fought bravely for his legacy, but they were no match for the Ender’s forces.


This set is based off of the city known as Legacy, the home many had come to fall in love with. In it, I placed Steve and a civilian, facing the Ender and a small portion of his army. The Ender was given a couple clear-purple 1x1x1 slabs to keep it unique from all the other Enderman.

 The set itself is composed of three Floating Homes, each with a removable rooftop/balloon, as well as a more accurately sized Ghast. The set was built as close to scale as I could in LDD, and was heavily supported by the leader of the Legacy project, ChipLordTuttle.

If you appreciate this set, please go look at the previous Legacy set, as well as the first release of Steve’s Legacy, which will be linked under the trailer. Thanks, and play well!


Minecraft - Steve's Legacy - Kyra's House


Steve’s Legacy trailer


Steve’s Legacy the Movie




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