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HVP Striker


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After months of seeing his solar system terrorized and looted by space pirates piloting an advanced ship known as the Black Pearl 3142, a brave mini-figure decided something had to be done.

In order to counteract the sheer speed and versatility of the Black Pearl a specialized High Velocity Pursuit vehicle was needed.  After months of tinkering in his shop Jeff-O was finally finished, and the HVP Striker was deployed.  A single seat pursuit craft that includes:
  • 566 Total Parts
  • A super slick black, dark red and metallic silver colour scheme
  • A modified version of the Black Pearl 3142 light speed drive, augmented by 4 supplemental ion thrusters under the wings for even more thrust, acceleration and oomph!
  • Lots (and lots) of pointy aerofoils and control fins to out maneuver any space pirate trying to escape in either deep space or planetary atmosphere

Look out pirates....the HVP Striker is comin' for you!

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