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Nova-Class Starfighter v.s Ripper-Class Starfighter


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This project is based on my story about the Titanium Command Squad, a group of humans sent by the Alliance of Space Colonies to find Amythstone, a purple energy crystal that is used to power colonies on planets and moons.However, there are space pirates who try to steal the Amythstone for their own gain.

This project features two starfighters.The TCS Nova-Class starfighter features a hinged cockpit, sonic cannons,spring-loaded missile launchers and a removable cargo "tray".

The pirate Ripper-Class starfighter features a hinged cockpit,cargo storage, huge saw blades, a huge exhaust and flick-fire missiles.The saw-bladed "wings" can move in a variety of ways, as seen in the pictures.

The two minifigures included are a TCS Pilot and a Pirate Pilot.The project also includes two cargo boxes, two Amythstone crystals and a rack with two laser guns and handcuffs.The rack can be split in half and attached to the ships via a stud on the back.

I hope you like this project, so please comment and support!

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