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Tourist Attraction - Modular Fountain And Park


My Idea is a Modular Tourist Attraction, which is build on 32x32 baseplate and includes Fountain and Park with 3Minifigures and a Sculpture of the Minifigure with a dolphin.

I strated building in LDD, but than swiched to available bricks at home. As the result my fountain and the rock under the sculpture turned out very colorful and I really like how joyful it got. The Fountain is really pretty with several water keys and very rich decorations. The sculpture of a beautiful Minifigure, is a must take in your photo or a selfie. The Fountain and Park are in top 10 tourist attractions and maybe is actually a landmark of the city and are always well visited by tourists.

I am proposing to include 3 minifigures in this set, two Tourists:

- Girl who likes to take selfies

- Professional Photographer who is not too lazy to carrie his big camera with him on his travels, like that he gets best photos

- Magician who is showing his skils of finding the rabbit in his cylinder hat to the tourists and even gets on some of the tourists photographs and selfies.

I hope you like my idea and would imagine adding it to your creations by supporting my project.

Thanks and good luck on your Ideas as well!

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