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Baby Dragon


Beware of the Baby Dragon

Crossover featuring my Lego ideas projects « Baby Dragon » and « Giant Minifig »


Dragon Egg Update

I’m currently working to improve the baby dragon project. Here is a new dragon egg design.

Please let me know in comment what do you think about these update and which one do you prefer between this one and the original one.

I’m also working to other updates or improvements. All your suggestions are welcome.


Baby Dragon needs help !

The project received nearly 2,500 supports in 2 months. Thanks to all the supporters so far. It's huge!

However, the project needs help to stay trendy and gather new supports.

If you want this project to become a real set, you can do more than support it: you can also promote it!

Each share and each comment is valuable and helps move the project forward.

Thank you all.

Seb E


Thanks !

Thank you very much to all supporters so far !

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