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Indian Truck

Hello LEGO Fans.

This is my version of the Indian Truck. This truck is a replica of a model made by a renowned Indian brand that manufactures Trucks and Heavy Duty Vehicles.

I built this truck as an entry to a friendly competition. Wanted to build something Indian and something colourful. Zeroed in on the trucks, since they are very vivid and colourful. Trucks are mostly painted with arts depicting various cultures or with pictures of flower, birds or animals. I've tried to replicate that using the newest DOTS elements.
I've built this model similar to the scale of Model Team, a popular LEGO Theme in the late 90s. I've added lots of tiny details and a few functions to add playability to the model. A detailed cabin that tilts to give access to a replica of a 4-cylinder engine with a working drive train. The back can be used to carry goods or can be used as a dumper to carry construction materials.
This is my first submission to LEGO Ideas, I'm hoping the vibrant colours and design connects with LEGO creators and fans across the globe.
Thanks a ton.

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