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Jack's House.


Time to say "Thanks"!!

Only one week left to the end of this project, and..not enough to gain more 150 votes,so,it's time to say thanks to all of you that have supported the Jack's House.It has been an interesting experience,following yours suggestions to improve our project and,as you can see in the last update,it's changed a lot!Probably,we'll try again to propose the "Jack's House" for LegoIdeas but,not so soon,we want give it a review,we'll back with a surprise!!Thank you all again,we really appreciated yours support and collaborations =)


More pics!

Good Morning to you all!!
First of all,many thanks to all of you that are supporting this project,with yours comments and helps.Three months are missing to the end of this project,I would like to arrive at least to 1k supporters to gain one more year,but,even if we'll not reach this target,it has been a really nice experience create this project and see how many of you appreciated it!So,thanks again =)
Here below more detailed pics of the Jack's House.Hope you like and feel free to share it!


New video!

Here a new video for the new design,hope you like it and feel free to share it =)


New Upgrade for 500 thanks to you all!

First of all I want to say thanks to you all,because each upgrade has been done following yours suggestions and yours comments,500 supporters reached is already a milestone and that final version of the"Jack's House"is the result of all yours opinions and I'm glad of that cooperation,so,once again 500 thanks to each one of you all.And we go with a "preview" of the last upgrade to ours "Jack's House".Hope you like it and keep on to make it real supporting and sharing this project,to bring Jack and his spooky house in the Lego universe!
Soon more detailed pictures.Stay tuned and,if you want,you can follow us also on facebook at .


Improved roof and more "realistic"screenshots

Work in progress in the Jack's House!Now he's having a new roof,getting more space inside and a bigger window on the right side!

As you can compare with the previous update,now the roof have an external part and a bigger window and balcon.Inside the roof,with this update,there's more space and the access to the window on the side is cleaner.
Inside the roof we have a desk,three lamps,two coffin-libraries,a sliding ladder to reach the window on the side and the hatch on the floor can be opened to reach  the first floor from the roof!
And now,rendered screenshots from different view!Hope you like it and comments for any suggestions or critiques.Thank you all for your support.


New Stairs and..time for rendering!

with this update,reached 1294 bricks,following yours comments,I've improved the stairs,getting a spiral effect as  the "real one" using this method and,,this is the result
and now..let's go with the rendering!That's how it will look(more or less) in real bricks

                                                (interior detail without roof)
Soon more rendering for the interior roof.My next target is improve the roof in some details.
Hope you like it and if you want help me to reach 10.000 votes,please,support and share it.Thank you all and let me know if you have any suggestions.


More screens

Here we go with more screenshot for the"Jack's House"new version,built using 1250 pieces:and a propose for the minifigures!!
Hope you like it,stay tuned and thanks for your support =)


Jack's House New version

Following yours comments,I workt to give to this project a new shape,in the TIm Burton's spirit.With this version I've improved :

  • the shape,giving more angulation to the walls I've got more space for the rooms and the roof.
  • Walls Opening sistem:now both walls side can be opened to enjoy the furniture in the first floor.Also the roof can be opened,use the ladder and go through the hatch to reach the library in the roof.

    As you can compare,this version become bigger!It's built using 1250 pieces instead of 725 for the first version and..I'm having fun with that one =)
    I'm working now on the minifigures,adding more details in the Jack and Sally's faces and clothes.Stay tuned and thank you all for the support!