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Kung Fu Panda: Jade Palace


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This is the Jade palace from Kung Fu Panda.  In this model, it includes the terrifying amount of stairs that the Panda Po climbs up in order to see who the Dragon Warrior was and the Palace itself.  The palace consists of a great amount of detail , such as the full interior, the gold windows, and the roofs that were slanted upwards.  The doors are openable to reveal the jade green floor and columns.  Also, the pool of water with the dragon scroll in the ceiling are also visible in this model.

The reason I built it is because Kung Fu Panda is a very well-known animated movie and is a movie that most children know of.  I first started this model with the Lego Digital Designer (LDD), as this was the smartest thing to do without messing up my desk with lego bricks everywhere.  On LDD, I really wanted to achieve a rocky landscape for the stairs so I put many slopes of different dimensions in the model.  For the palace, I used many reference photos from the real movie to make it as similar as it can be.

I wanted to inspire children so that they can maybe one day, make models like this too.  I think this will make a great set because since Kung Fu Panda is something most people know, while building this set, they might remember all the funny moments this movie may bring back.

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