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Displayable Kitchen/Urban Kitchen.


Inspired by JD Bricks Kitchen design, I'm not sure if I want to make another room as a "Connectable." Style building similar to how the Modular buildings connect. At 432 bricks its not a very complex build but it would definetly be a great display for photo oppurtunities. Usually lego kitchens are compact or small given the space that needs to be used in the modular style buildings, This gives more freedom to pose figures and even including a cat. If I do a second room it will be a living room most likely.  It's mainly inspired by kitchens I've seen and older style kitchens. the one issue I had was the number of Windows given most of the wall is covered by Cabinets.

Design includes a dishwasher, Duel sinks, Smallish fridge, Multiple cabinets, Coffee Machine, Island a stove and A set of ovens. Given Lego doesn't create a 2x4 cabinet piece I had to use 4 2x2 mailbox pieces.

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