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Fairground Ride: Tornado!

The Tornado moves four different ways at once to give your minifigs the ride of a lifetime!

The central structure rotates, arms swing up and down and the cars revolve both individually and all together as a cluster.

The tall vertical sign is sure to attract all folks out there, and it's integrated with the ticket office in a small side build, complete with a brick-built meter to check if you're tall enough to ride.

The loading platform is compact and provides a good holding point while hand powering the ride.
Special mention to the tiny trash bin, inspired from one of the sets that made my childhood. Can you remember which one? :)

Please watch the video to see it in motion:

This isn't the copy of any existing ride, I wanted to create something daring and fun, and simply started building without many references at all. Needless to say, it was a bit of a journey...

As I wanted this to be packed with action, move smoothly, be at scale and finally pleasant to the eye, there were plenty of dead ends and re-designs and re-engineerings and I'll put those up somewhere too once I have the time. You know, for the more nerdy ones among us out there :)

Any question about the gearing and how it works, I'll be very happy to answer them!

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