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The Merlin's Tower in the Sword in the Stone

The idea
This creation was born from my passion for the cartoon The Sword in the Stone and in particular for the memory of Merlin's Tower which is an indelible memory in my mind and that of all fans of this cartoon. The beauty of the magical Merlin Tower lives in its state of stability and in its cartoonish and unrealistic design of precarious, almost living structure. In this set I wanted to recreate the training scene of Caio who is helped by Semola while commanding the puppet on horseback. This scene heralds the movement of the tower when Gaius hits the puppet in the battle. It's too funny a scene not to have at home like a Lego set, don't you think?

The Build
Merlin's tower represents a portion of Sir Hector's castle where the tower and training camp are located and includes 4 minifigures and 1 animal:
Sir. Hector
Gaius on horseback
and Anacleto.
The construction of the tower is based on an internal structure and flat circles on which special bricks are placed for the insertion of the circular external cladding. To create the effect of precariousness, two inclinations were given to the tower which almost seems to collapse. The set with its 2800 pieces is a way to dive back into a Disney classic with the beauty of a building between fiction and history.

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