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Day Off with Grandpa including a Vintage Car


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Hello and welcome to my next Idea:

Day Off with Grandpa including a Vintage Car

I remember the days with my Grandparents and so I created a Set about this.

This Set would contain:

2 Grandchildren
Vintage Car
and some addons like

The Rooftop of the Car would be changeable.
So you can have a Carbiolet or a closed car.

Maybe Lego could add some decals to make the car a little bit rusty.
But if not the car would also look very cool.

This Set would be perfect for Lego City or my Playground Set.

If you want I could add some more addons:
I would like the Idea about a picnic.
What do you think?

Hope you like my Idea about a Day Off

Thank you for visiting and your support.


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