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Digimon 1st Fight Greymon vs Parrotmon Nano Diorama

As a huge Digimon fan I've built another Set. You can see the first adventure of the DigiDestined Tai. Digimon stands for digital monsters. The Digimon franchise started with a series of virtual pets like Tamagotchi in 1997. In 1999 the popular anime Digimon Adventure was released. 90s kids like me want to be a DigiDestined. 

It’s a little diorama in nano scale. You can see the iconic fight between Greymon and Parrotmon. Greymon is an orange dinosaur, similar to a T-Rex. He has a brown bone helmet with 3 horns on it. Parrotmon is a big yellow and green parrot. The fight takes place on a highway in Japan. So I've built a lot of small cars to symbolize the highway and to show the bridge on the right side. Behind the two Digimons there is a huge apartment complex. Next to Greymon there are Tai and his sister Kari in nano scale. You can build the set with 434 parts. 

It would be a very cool smaller LEGO set. I know there are a lot of Digimon fans all over the world. The building shows a little fight scene. Every LEGO fan has got one problem: not enough space to show all these beautiful LEGO sets at home. Therefore, I made this set. It doesn't need a big space to show the iconic fight between the two Digimon in Japan. The set is a piece of childhood of many 90s kids. Today the topic is up to date again. In this year the franchise also releases a new reboot of the original anime. So there will be a whole new generation of kids who will jump on the bandwagon. 

Now think twice about the title song of Digimon and remember the good old times:
Digimon. Digimon - digital monsters, Digimon are the champions ...

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