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Tidewater Glacier (With Hidden Features)


A gigantic sheet of slow moving ice that’s been compacted over the course of many years, the tidewater glacier is one of the most majestic and recognizable types of glaciers, carving out rock as it flows from the mountains to the sea!

Our collaborative Lego model of the glacier is meant to be representative of this natural beauty, full of the brilliant blue colors for which glaciers are renowned.


Sandwiched between two mountains that it "carved" out on it's way to the sea, this glacier model is chock full of interesting glacial details and play features!

The surface of an actual glacier is white with a bluish hue, which stems from air bubbles being compressed out of the ice over time. The deeper one gets into the glacier, the less air there is, and the deeper the blues become. We have tried to represent this as best as we could. The glacier is hinged from the center and can be opened, revealing a graduation of lustrous blues as well as a few crevasses. You can peer into the inside of one of the crevasses and behold it's apparent endlessness.

There are hidden secrets inside each cliff as well! One cliff opens to reveal a cavern with a glacial river, formed by the flow of water from the melting glacier into the sea. The second cliff opens up to reveal a secret mountain cave that leads to a beautiful ice cave found underneath the glacier, which is modeled off the real world serene ice cave that exists underneath Alaska’s Mendenhall glacier. 

The sea which meets the glacier is full of icebergs that have formed from the calving of the glacier. We have included a push activated play feature which will result in the end of the glacier “calving” into the water. There is also a whale that has breached the surface!

For an alternative display option, the model can be fully opened and turned to change the model into two glaciers.


If you love glaciers, care about their preservation, or want a model that is not only nice to display, but also contains interesting glacial details and play features, then please support our idea! We would be beyond grateful!

It is our hope that an official LEGO set would bring even more awareness to not just the remarkable beauty of glaciers, but also the importance of glaciers to the ecosystems of the world.

*This is a collaboration between Legoscape and PhilosophyDude and both give explicit permission to use this original work*

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