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Ford Dealer (showroom/workshop/tyre (tire) bay)

“The Ford blue oval logo is a registered trademark and has been used with the express permission of Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited”
Now with the legal component out of the way, welcome to my Ford Dealer. Note New Mannum is a made up town name. This building though is inspired by real country Ford dealers that can be found in outback South Australia.
I have being given permission by Ford Australia to used the oval logo as long as I don't sell the original model, but if this gets the magic 10000 then of course Lego will have to apply for the license for the design to carry the oval logo. (that's partly the reason for CITY Motors being created as well......
Note also the pay phone out the front.

Michelin tyre agent, brick-built realistic tyre (tire) rack.

Overhead view, the bearing display from another MOC moved in, plus the chainsaw and merchandiser is based around real Stihl ones.
There is also a lawn mower for sale and a coffee machine for customers to use out of view, sorry.

Progress shot showing a working hoist, you must use both gears together and holds a 6 wide car quite fine. Plus a brick built trolley jack and a slightly different wheel balancer.

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