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2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition

The Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition is Honda's new version of the famous hot hatch. An exclusive car with only 600 being produced worldwide, The Type R Limited Edition is a masterpiece which deserves recognition and respect. This car captures the thrill of the classic hot hatch with its turbocharged four cylinder engine, which creates 306 break horsepower and has a top speed of over 270 km/h. 

I built this because i have seen pictures of the real thing and wondered what it would be like in Lego, so i built it in Lego and it definitely looks amazing.

The Speed Champions lineup is yet to have a hot hatch and this would be a great start, as it has vibrant colour, and a certain air about it even when it is only in brick scale. The Honda Civic Type R is one of my favourite cars and likely many peoples as well, and is is something that i would love to see recreated in Lego.

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