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Hello, today I wish to acquaint you with my very long project.
Name of the project: Wave-2
Author: Me-SoulD(Daniil Modirych)
And so, let me tell you first about the characters, that you understand that it's for the IOC.
Characters: the minifigures in the set only 5-James, haven, John, Della, Terabytes.
Let's start with the first one, James is the God of measure 7. Character backstory: James was a God of one of the dimensions, as it reached full power in his dimension and created for the development of the world, he decided to explore other dimensions. But the rules of this universe are such that God cannot leave the world without himself, so James, at the time his name was price and quality have created the exact copy, but not taught her to control the whole world. During an adventure in another dimension the memory is erased temporarily, but it can only be restored to his native dimension. So, James, as it was called in that world, lived an ordinary life, but one day it turns out to be fatal for him and he's dying gets into your world, but without the restored memory retention, he would have to pass all the knowledge of God. And in the world he got his own, because God can only be one, the tool of God(console) is divided into two parts, one part goes to James and he can now do little, as the Terabyte.
They become semi-gods, and now they are mortal and can die. James also did not understand, appeared in an abandoned house, after he was attacked by the local crazy, but our hero saves the day, the heroine, haven. After some events James creates the freighter with its console.
Haven is the sister della, her younger sister. She was the daughter of the Advisor of God, but the child she carried one since mother died in her childbirth. And at a time when Della entered on a post of the adviser of God, haven was ~15 years old, she was sent to the local camp for the summer. But at the same time began dropping of the atomic bombs, few survived, but she was lucky...Living our lives in a post-apocalyptic world she saved James, and how do nefig for a certain period of time have deleted it from the friend-zone and moved higher.
Della's sister, haven, she was born the first haven for about 13 years. She lived very happily until he died, her own mother, Della asked to resurrect the mother of God, because the Terabytes Personally often visited his Advisor, but he declined, reinforcing its refusal by the fact that he forbids some force.
She is angry at God and at the haven, considering the fact that the sister wine mother's death. She created a plan, and in the ~27 years got a job as a counselor to the Terabytes. This was just part of her plan, she knew how to be reduced to a pulp God, so she personally designed a database "Cloud", Della kept there God in a specially created room from a specially created alloy that introduced it Terabyte zablujdenie in the real world, not allowing him to watch. At this world through my own eyes, only through the camera that show is actually about recording with the flowers of the grass.
John is an engineer "rebellion" in the past, he lived in the Palace of the Council, together with della and haven, his mother was set on high rank and were able to give him the best education he dreamed of becoming an inventor, and what he was, but in time of war. Also in his childhood he was best friends with haven, but was older than her by 2 years, John often helped his girlfriend, but he always was only for her friend, nothing more.
Terabyte-is a clone of God of measure, if you've read all that was before, you know who he is.
Let's move on to Wave 2, why two? Learn.
So this freighter was created for battles in the abyss and traveling in the same abyss, but the original purpose of this ship was the finding of an eraser. Eraser is an addition to the console, it can remove everything, unless, of course, will not be handicapped.
So, the freighter in the colors of "vostania", fuel for it is easy vospominaniya gas called: "Sirwilliam" it looks like orange nitrogen. 
On the bow of the shipa mount laser cannons on the wings of the ship cannon, but they use real bullets, by the way, in Very large quantities. 
4 Expressway gidrousilitel-energy-reactors, can reach speeds that preodolevat the time barrier, but this rate will not last long 7 mins Maximum! But at this rate 1km=6km, and I will tell you at great distances, especially when the speed of 1200km/h.
On Board the ship has an artificial intelligence which is able to control the ship, to put the freighter without human help, replace sirwilliam, to cook, to eat, and flush the toilet.
In fact, the ship "9" rooms, many rooms are not separated by even a door, well at least there's 9 zones. Areas: 2 bedrooms, Central bathroom, control room, entrance, living room, kitchen and warehouse. Also in the Central room has a compartment which can fit 2 figures, if you really really want. In General, this compartment is intended for transportation of washing gum. So, the kitchen is equipped with: kettle, a place for cooking and the apparatus for the distribution of drinks.
In the living room: table, sofa for 3 figures, ventilation.
In the computer room has the computer with artificial intelligence, a table of tools and strange-looking toy that is always with toscal John.
In stock is a bunch of boxes, weapons and fuel.
Bedroom(right): only the screen with a small library of electronic books and old movies.
Bedroom(left): all the same, but there are a lot of commands and calculations are also kept here koordistan with the location of the eraser.
In the Central room, or hall, whatever you like, there are several pens, the pump and system of heating control of the ship.
Not leaving we can find the room in the pilot, she doesn't need because there is an auto-pilot, but with the introduction of fighting Oh it helps!
The last room is the exit, there is a large glass through which the visible rails for landing Briz-1, it is a private means for transport of John, which he created even before meeting with God.
And there is a rooftop Shark3eeker-this is a transport haven, and James, a cabin for the regeneration of living beings. This freighter can disconnect, or to put in place. As Briz. But they join in different ways, Shark3eeker on a magnetic cushion, and Briz-1 on the laser rails.
And Seth is the most important part: the tech ladder.
Well, I hope you like this art project with 3 vehicles, 5 minifigures, 1 super ladder.
I would be very grateful for reading all this.

Thank you for reading!
Write in comments your opinion!

PS. who became my universe "Reloaded" , ask questions in a PM.


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