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The Hobbit : Gateway to Dale


This set depicts the elven king Thranduil's entry into the city of Dale on his noble elk.

This set includes the gateway to Dale. It would be able to connect to other smaller wall and army building sets to build the city of Dale. The set is small but there is some good building and playability in it.

Thranduil's elk is brick built and is a nice mini-build. I changed the design of the elk slightly to my elk in my model "Thranduil's war camp" I also made a saddle that I think looks very cool.

I have also changed my usual design for Thranduil. I have given him shoulder armour and changed his print. If this set was to become reality it would be really cool if all of Thranduil's armour was chrome.


-2 orcs

-man of Dale

-Thranduil- with cloak

-Thranduil's elk (brick built)


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