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About the model

This snowflake model is very large (6"+ depending on the design, and exactly 300 pieces in the main design) to allow for a lot of detail and interesting patterns. It would make a great wintry decoration, good for displaying on a wall, door, or desk. I tried to stay roughly true to how real snowflakes look while also adding some style to make it more interesting and decorative. However, the one thing that I made sure of was that each design had exactly six arms like real snowflakes do (with a few notable exceptions), so that they can be instantly recognized as snowflakes.

About the project

I imagine this set as being similar to the 3-in-1 Creator sets that include instructions for a few variations; the second and third snowflakes in the projects' images, the ones with the red and the purple backgrounds, can each be made using only pieces from the snowflake seen in the main image. However, I would also like it to be like the recently released (as of writing) bonsai model 10281, which encourages builders to be creative and come up with their own designs. After all, snowflakes are famously known for being unique!

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