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LEGO Cupcake


LEGO Cupcake container

My Idea is more for a smaller LEGO cupcake that can be a part of a larger set of brick. This one is a basic White cake with frosting. The "Sprinkles" can be any color, add more (for more frosting goodness) or color schemed by whatever! Sports teams, favorite colors, monochromatic, etc.

It will also store those extra pieces inside!

Mix color plates in for the side to change frosting color, or make other color frosting. Brown for Chocolate, Pink for strawberry whatever turns your fancy!

The LDD file has been created and the model is only about 112 pieces (including the sprinkles) 

At 2,500 votes I'll post the instructions via PDF. If I can get to 5,000 votes, I'll add the LDD file! 

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