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Modular Farm: Barn

The lego Modular series is very popular. The goal is to build your own lego city. But wouldn't it be nice if you could build a farm?
There would be a number of sets in the series, like a barn, a farm house, a stable, a poultry, a greenhouse, and many others.

I built one of the possible sets for the series: a barn.This is the inside of the barn. It features a horse stable (on the right, with horses), opening front doors with lock mechanism, a ladder on the inside and the outside, leading to the second floor, a removable roof, due to the flat tiles you can see in the picture above, an lots of hay.

In the outside of the barn there is grass, and a side part with orange chairs.The set comes with a truck and Triumph motorcycle.

The truck comes with an engine and customized interior with room for 2 minifigures.

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