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Ancient Egyptian Museum - The Treasures of Brickankhamun

Step back in time 3000 years and see how the Ancient Egyptians lived in this museum diorama!

Johnny Thunder has returned from his expedition in the Valley of the Kings, and has returned with treasures from the tomb of Brickankhamun - see the magnificent sarcophagus of the mighty Pharaoh, his hoard of treasures, and the centrepiece of the exhibit, his burial headdress. But beware, the mummy itself may still be roaming the museum!


Celebrating LEGO's long history of historical themed sets, and the classic LEGO Adventurers 1998 line of Egyptian archaeology sets, this set aims to remind us of LEGO's innate ability to teach us about the world, while also providing a fun set to play and display.

For this build I was inspired by the recent Treasures of Tutankhamun exhibition in London, and with my old Adventurers sets in hand, I set to work building a museum piece. I see this primarily as a solid display piece, but it is built in a way that ensures that it will not immediately collapse if played with.

Each of the exhibits can be brick built from widely available pieces, and while not representing any particular real-life equivalent, have been designed to evoke the theme of Ancient Egypt.

The set at the moment comes with a handful of tourists, a security guard, Johnny Thunder, and a skeleton which can be hidden somewhere in the set!

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