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Asteroid Miner


The life of an asteroid miner can be a perilous one, but here are some tips to help you achieve success. First you need a rugged spacecraft that can handle the dangers of asteroid fields. It also will need ample cargo space to store the precious gems and crystals you may find along the way. A faithful droid companion is always a good idea, one that can help with equipment and to watch your back when things go wrong. Of course you will need the best mining equipment to scan and drill into resource rich asteroids. Once you finally crack that rock open, it is best to keep a watchful eye. Sometimes asteroids are home to more then just precious gems. Space bugs may take offence of you disturbing their homes. But with skill and a little luck, you can escape with your ship filled with riches. 

For this build I tried to maximize play-ability, with features like the ship separation and hatches for loading and unloading crystals. The front of the ship has a string reel that can connect to the figure, but I couldn't show it very well because the digital designer doesn't have a flexible string option. (String was added digitally on first picture). I wanted a rounded asteroid where a minifig could walk around it 360 degrees. The asteroid has two folding panels, with lots of crystals on the inside and a small cave that can hold one space bug.

This proposed set features:
- Piece count 1142
- Asteroid Minor minifig
- Droid figure
- Spacecraft with removable cargo container
- Cargo container with hatches to load and unload
- String reel on spacecraft
- Rotating boosters on spacecraft
- Spacecraft stand
- Asteroid stand, with 1 large Asteroid with 4 mini asteroids
- Mini asteroids can open up with 1 crystal inside
- 4 mining tools for minifig
- 3 space bugs, 2 smaller and 1 larger
- 50 Crystals plus 1 larger Ruby Crystal

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Thank you for your consideration.

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