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Boardwalk Hotel



This design is inspired by the Disney Boardwalk Inn/Hotel. This set connects with the other modular sets, and has around 2700 bricks. There is a large lobby, 3 guest rooms, and a teppan-yaki-style cooking restaurant. The boardwalk section has a table for relaxing on the herringbone pattern deck. Five mini-figures are included with the set, including 2 guests, 1 manager, 1 hotel attendant, and a female chef.

Image Descriptions:

  1. Front of the building.
  2. Back of the building and the boardwalk.
  3. How the front of the building looks with the other modular sets, including the Gothic Major Crimes Ideas set (support here:
  4. Top floor with Teppan-yaki-style restaurant on the right and guest room on the left.
  5. Detail of the guests sitting down for a meal.
  6. A guest room on either side of the middle floor of the hotel.
  7. Detail of one of the rooms on the middle floor.
  8. 1st floor lobby with arching supports.
  9. Detail of a guest checking in at the front desk.

You can see larger images on my flickr page:

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