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Modular Bakery and Hardware Store

This is my latest offering, which is a modular Bakery and Hardware Store. It will fit with the other modulars released and is in keeping with the old fashioned style of the other buildings.
It comes with 6 characters and a little baby in the pram. Also the all important vehicle which is a bread delivery van, again in vintage style.
The buildings:
The Bakery features a large window cake display stand filled with items to tempt people in and once inside there is a counter with bread, pies, cakes etc to be bought and a crate with loaves also. Behind the counter features a table where the cakes and bread are made, also a bread oven for freshly made bread. Above the Bakery is an apartment which is accessed from the rear, up some stairs. This has two floors which is unfurnished.
The Hardware Store features curved steps outside leading to the door which has tools to be bought in a barrel by the door. Once inside, there is an assortment of tools, some sack wheels and a wheel barrow. There is also the counter with a till and shelving behind with jars on it. Above the Hardware Store is its store room which again is accessed from the rear. Inside the store room is boxes, a chest, and crates etc.
The Bread Van is vintage looking from around 1930's and has backwards opening doors. The rear of the van has white opening doors and will fit a brown crate filled with bread but there is also room on the roof to fit another crate with other items to be delivered in.
These are a mother pushing an old fashioned pram with a little baby girl inside and her young son who is enjoying an ice cream. For the Bakery there is the Baker and a female assistant to serve customers. There is also the Bread Van driver who is wearing dungarees and a hat for those cold early mornings! For the Hardware store we have an elderly gentleman who has the experience needed to help his customers.


This is the hardware store interior. It features a wooden rustic floor, a counter which has the cash till and a tool box. Around the rest of the store there is numerous tools for customers to buy including axes, spanners, hand tools in the window display, also some sack wheels and a wheel barrow.

This is the bakery interior. Features include a counter full with edible goodies, pretzels, croissants, pies, cream cakes, cherry pie etc. In the corner is the preparation area where everything is made, then there is the bread oven with opening doors and a fire inside and the all important front display window which has more edible delights to tempt customers in.

This is the bakery bread van. I used white and dark red to match the bakery shop itself.

These are the characters from left to right:
Mother with pram and baby.
The son holding a popsicle.
The baker from the bakery.
The bakers assistant.
The hardware store shop keeper.
The bakery delivery driver (ideally I would have liked him in dark red to match the bakery van)

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