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Modular Police Station


My modular police station was designed using LDD and is compatible with Creator Modular Buildings. It has a vintage early 20th century look with two floors. The roof and second level are removable to access the interior. The exterior of the station has a stone façade with decretive stone and wood work. It also has a large badge mounted in the center and flag pole. The interior has a lot of features such as a lobby with front desk, court room, jail cells, chief's office, and break room.

The set will also come with a vintage black and white police car and five minifigures. The police car can fit one minifigure inside. I hope to get lots of support to bring this creation to life. I think it will make a great addition to the modular building theme and will be a must have for any collector. Please help me make this a set a reality. Thanks so much and build on!


  • Detailed façade using handcuffs, keys, batons, and gavels as decoration
  • Tall front desk and lobby
  • Court room
  • Jail cells with escape tunnel
  • Police chief's office with awards on shelves
  • Break room with coffee maker and lots of doughnuts
  • Bulletin boards with wanted posters and other info
  • Barbed wire under jail windows
  • Skylight and radio tower on roof
  • Payphone on sidewalk
  • Blue police call box
  • Vintage police car with red light on roof
  • Five minifigures. Hooligan, judge, police officer with hat, desk police officer, and police chief.

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