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Dragon Castle

"Beyond the forests and meadows, on the edge of the kingdom of No'studland, stands Dragon Castle, on top of a huge rock, surrounded by water and mist. Its towering spires reach into the sky and its solid walls have never been breached. But none of that is comparable to the great protector it possesses, a dragon of the last lineage, the living vestige of a long-forgotten past."

About the project:

A huge micro-scale creation depicting a complex and detailed castle with a dragon flying above it. It has various details such as vegetation, waves, a boat, a wooden bridge and a highly textured rocky base, etc. Putting so many concepts together has been a challenge, but there is always a perfect piece for what you need (special mention to the wheels/gears).
As an extra I have designed two types of dragon, of fire and ice, to make the model a bit customizable.
All the design is totally solid and has been checked with physical pieces.

Technical details:

It has 2006 pieces and all of them exist except four (robot arm in trans-clear, big gear in brown, half cone that forms the black roof and the 1x1 tooth in dark grey), which have a colour that has never been produced, but they can be changed for existing colours without problems (aesthetically it would not be so amazing).
The assembly is very simple and despite being a microscale model, having so many small and varied pieces makes the construction very entertaining. Measures:

If you like it, feel free to support and share it. Any comments, suggestions or questions are welcome!!

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