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Nissan R89C Race Car


Hello, my friends of this great community!

For this round I present you my latest work, this japanese Group C endurance racing car, that may hasn't won anything at the time it competed, but it's still an awesome vehicle (not all things are measurable by the amount of trophies, anyway… :D).

I tried to use as many interesting pieces and techniques I could, so the people who likes a UCS challenge might be very interested in this. I also think  it's one of my top models (along with the SLR 722), in which I made my best to put the same details you'd find in a diecast, but with all the process of being a plastic engineer and building by yourself.

My replica features:

  • Opening butterfly doors;
  • Removable Hood and trunk lid;
  • Removable rear wheels covers;
  • Adjustable steering wheel height;
  • Moving gear lever;
  • Rigid bodywork;
  • New! It also has the inner room and structure to receive a pair of 3V DC LEDs and make the headlights work! 

Dimensions: 300mm long x 110mm wide x 75mm tall

It has around 1100 bricks.

So this is it, if you liked it, could you please support? I'd be so glad!
Thank you for your time and have a nice day!




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