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Tractor For Fruit Garden Working

This is a great little Tractor for fruit garden working.
Powerful, agility and stability are the main features of this vehicle.
Four cylinders engine with radiator and fan, fuel and oil filters, turbocharger, alternator and AC compressor, 4 manual gear shifting, 4 wheels drive, chassis with tilting joint in order to work on several conditions, 2 speed PTO for rear attachments, cabin, covers and bull bar, front wheels steering.

Everything very fine detailed.
The design respects a real Tractor in terms of dimension, concept and functionalities. Due to this project philosophy, it has not been installed with any electrical motor.
I'm a mechanical designer. I built this model because I decided to connect work with passion.

Other technical details:
1500 parts.
LxWxH (mm): 370x200x260.
Engine, gear shifting, power train, PTO are connected and work moving manually the tractor. Steering is also working.
I believe that this model would be great for young and "old" kids loving vehicles and understand how they work.

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