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Winnebago Brave Motorhome

I introduce the world to my model of an American icon. This slice of Americana is known as the Winnebago Brave! Winnebago Industries launched a series of motorhomes and recreational vehicles throughout the 1950's and 60's that were approximately half of the price of models on the market at the time. This lead to Winnebago capturing a sizable share of the RV market. Their Brave motorhome became ubiquitous among the motorhome industry. 

With this Lego model, I believe that fans of all ages would be impressed. Children will enjoy the removable roof and bright colors as part of the play set aspect. Adults of all generations will enjoy the accuracy and detail of this model as a shelf piece. As a long time gearhead and car guy, I've enjoyed history and stories of famous vehicles. Lego gives me the chance to model these vehicles and present them in the form of both a medium of art and a fun toy that I remember from my childhood. 

Support for this model would mean a lot to me. I aim to create fun and unique mini figure scale models of many famous and influential vehicles. I would love to see another Lego motorhome on the shelves for sure!

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