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Springtime Bloom

Most people love small and affordable LEGO sets that they can proudly display in their home or play with, or that can alternatively be bought as a gift for others.
As this set consists of less than 400 pieces, it can be a lovely addition to any collection as well as a great display piece.

I for one love getting little sets to display. I especially love them if they are colourful and are able to grab attention, so I tried to design something that might appeal to other fellow minded LEGO enthusiasts as well: Springtime bloom!

As I sit by the window while I work I often find myself looking outside the window thinking.
This is when I had the idea of this little set spring to mind: I saw nature spring to life, therefore I wanted to create a scene that encompasses the beauty of spring, the chirping birds and the blooming trees, so I decided to spring into action!
(Disclaimer: The puns were very much intended, but I am finished I promise.)

I tried to use various different pieces to give this set a unique look while staying true to the forms of nature.

I really hope others will like this set idea - if you do, dear reader, please don't hesitate to hit the support button to give a chance for this project to become a real set so it can put a spring in your step as well (sorry, had to do it one last time)!

Also, please check out my other projects and support and share them if you would like to help them achieve 10k supports. Thank you!

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