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Sasuke / Ninja Warrior

Sasuke (or Ninja Warrior as it is called in it's English speaking syndication) is a Japanese Sports Entertainment program where competitors race on a crazy difficult obstacle course. So difficult it has been completed only 4 times in 2700 attempts.

My idea is to make a model set re-creating several of the most famous obstacles in Sasuke history.

This is the warped wall. A challenge so deceptively difficult that one of the grand champions once failed to scale it.

This is a competitor who fell in the water of one of the simpler and first obstacles, the quad step. Not everyone who tries the course is fit to finish. Some, like comedians, actors, and rock stars, cannot even clear the first obstacle.

For associated mini-figures we could pair famous runners with obstacles that defeated them. In this case it is American Ninja Warrior legend Levi Meeuwenberg.

This is one of the later obstacles, the "Devil's Staircase," where competitors have to cross an inverted staircase using only their upper body strength. This set can feature advanced techniques like SNOT (studs not on top). SNOT was used to invert the staircase pieces.

This set would provide the opportunity to feature Technic pieces. Here we see the jump hang, log grip, and rolling log. Each of these used one or more Technic pieces to create a grip or an off-angle feature.

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