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Home Improvement: Tool Time Set


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It's Tool Time with this new Lego Ideas project! With this project, you can join Tim and Al from Home Improvement as they assist the viewers at home with their DIY projects. From roofing to plumbing, Tim and Al have got you covered. Alright, maybe you should only to listen to Al. But Tim will be there to host and provide much needed comedic relief. While this project does feature plenty of playability, it is primarily designed to be a display model. And whether you want to neatly display the minifigs, or recreate your favorite Tool Time scenes in Lego form, this project allows you to do it!

What's in the Project?
The project includes:
  • Tool Time Set: set background with detailed wall decorations and custom Tool Time doors, work bench, and chair with the Male Bag.
  • 4 Minifigs: Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor, Al Borland, and 2 cameramen.
  • Accessories: Binford toolbox, 3 cameras, and boom microphone. 

It would be fitting that a TV show that promoted tools and building so much be represented in Lego form, so please consider supporting this project! And if you're interested in more Home Improvement projects or have any suggestions, make your voice heard in the Comments section. Stay tuned to the Updates section as well because as the project progresses towards 10,000 supports, additional renders and scenes will be released.

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