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Lost Tribes of Planet Mixel


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This is not a re-release of past Mixels sets, nor is it designed to be a continuation of past Mixels sets. These are all brand-new and designed by me. 

You may have known about the 81 Mixels of times gone, but do you know of the three lost tribes?

Fast forward 100 years into the future of the Mixels' world, and discover three lost tribes. The Tidebreakers, a water-based tribe of adventure seeking Mixels always ready for something new! The Futurons, a tribe of high-tech Mixels from Mixopolis ready to journey into the past! And the Zientists, three quirky scientist Mixels ready to cause experimenting fun in the science labs!

The Tidebreakers represent the elemental themes of 2014's Mixels, adding a water-themed tribe into the mix. The Futurons represent 2015's technology themed Mixels, such as the Klinkers or Orbitons. And finally, the Zientists represent the theme of 2016's job-centered Mixels, like the MCPD or Newzers.

Don't like a Mixel? No problem! Each Mixel is made to be broken apart and rebuilt in any way you like.

About the project:

For the longest time, I've been creating my own Mixels from existing tribes. I've always dreamed of creating unique tribes that can stand out among the rest while also being able to combine with any Mixel. I believe I've managed to strike that balance with the Lost Tribes of Planet Mixel.

These Mixels are created with a lot of heart and soul put into them. Please consider pledging your support!

Special thanks to those Mixels fans who inspired me to create these 9 Mixels, and those that provided feedback while I was creating them.

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