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Robot Gordian


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Super robots were very popular in the early 1990s.
there are many mechas that have become famous, some have become a true cult. But among all, only one boasted a unique combination system, a matryoshka. this was just Gordian.
Made unique by his being made up of three robots that did not combine, but literally entered one into the other, he had a truly particular design.
In my model I tried to maintain the proportions of the 3 robots of the original cartoon, maintaining a minimum of posability, the interlocking mechanisms, a look of the robots as faithful as possible to the original and a limited number of pieces and dimensions.
I think in a vintage robot line this set would fit really well.
If you dream like me of being able to get your hands on another splendid lego set dedicated to a splendid super robot, I think you will not hesitate to support my idea and help me to promote it as much as possible.

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