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Børste & Rut

My daughter's absolute favorite cartoon right now is Børste on Danmarks Radio Minisjang. Watching those episodes again and again slowly drove me mad enough to start thinking in bricks. The creative side of my brain used the time to figure out if I could make some of these characters in a near-BrickHeadz scale.

I first completed Børste, the porcupine in red shorts, first and shared with my LinkedIn network. It was received well by my peers who also have small children, who were able to recognize the character. It was REALLY exciting to even have the creator of the show appreciate my fan art enough to share my post.

That moment of being starstruck gave me the energy to try Børste's best friend, the blue owl named Rut. I had ideas to try here before as well but struggled with getting the proportions right in the near-BrickHeadz. The excitement led to what felt like breakthrough in the model design.

I had a lot of fun bringing more life to the renderings once there were two characters there who could interact. This was the first time I had used BrickLink Studio or any digital LEGO model building software.

It would be a lot of fun to see these models live on and have some pro model builders iron out the rough edges!

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